Your perfect staycation

1 Aug, 2020

Your perfect staycation

Summertime means travel time! Finally a few days to really relax and leave the daily routine behind. Whether it's a beach vacation, a long-distance trip or a city break, we usually plan our summer vacation months in advance and cross off the days until the start in our calendars full of anticipation. Unfortunately, most of us will have to adjust our travel plans this year or even postpone them completely. But there is also good news: summer is definitely not a thing of the past and a staycation vacation can be a lot of fun! Uhhh, STAY what?! That's right, STAYCATION!

What does staycation actually mean? The English term is made up of the words STAY and VACATION and is often used when you don't travel during your days off, but simply stay at home. And a staycation even has some advantages!

  • Travel and accommodation costs = 0€
  • 12 hours flying time in a crowded plane including annoying seat neighbors? No, thank you!
  • Positive balance for your CO2 footprint this year - YAY!
  • You can discover your hometown in a whole new way beyond the daily grind!
  • Support the locals in your area and visit new restaurants, bars & stores.

You should also prepare a staycation carefully so that you don't fall victim to leisure stress during your days off. :) It's best to grab a few sheets of paper and a pen and write down what you would like to do! Of course, you can also turn this into a small family project and everyone can make a personal wish. So don't list to-do's like cleaning out the cellar or filing documents, but think about really BEAUTIFUL activities! 


No staycation without a pretty balcony, terrace or garden! In Noordwijk, I fell head over heels in love with the beautiful furnishings of the beach bars. I was particularly taken with the retro-look parasols and chairs and there was no question that they would soon have to move into my store. 

When you're finally sitting in the shade of your parasol, a good book is a must. You can use the days off at home perfectly to treat yourself to a little me-time and reconnect with yourself. Have you had the feeling in the stressful last few weeks that YOU have been neglected? Would you like to go through life more carefree and, above all, happier again in the future? Yes? Then I've picked out the perfect read for you: The cool shit about being happy!

Free time also means that you can finally try out recipes that have been waiting in your box of ideas for a long time. How about a homemade lemon-rosemary lemonade, for example?

Recipe for approx. 4OO ml lemonade syrup

You need:

  • - 4OO-5OO ml still water
  • - 2OO g sugar (alternatively you can also use cane sugar)
  • - 1 bunch rosemary
  • - 2 organic lemons
  • - Cooking pot
  • - Sieve and funnel
  • - Small (heat-resistant) bottle for filling
  1. Bring the water and sugar to the boil in a pan.
  2. Wash the lemons and rosemary sprigs. Cut the lemons into thin slices and remove the rosemary needles from the sprigs.
  3. When the sugar has completely dissolved in the water, you can mix in the lemon slices and rosemary needles.
  4. Leave everything to simmer on the stove over a low heat for approx. 1 hour.
  5. Then pour everything through a sieve and pour the syrup into a bottle using a funnel. Be careful, the bottle gets hot!
  6. For 1 glass of lemonade, fill up approx. 2 cl of syrup with sparkling water. Don't forget the ice cubes! The syrup will keep for several weeks in the fridge.



Lemonade tastes so much better in company, doesn't it? This is THE opportunity: invite your loved ones to a relaxed afternoon of games! Whether on a blanket in the park, on the balcony, under a parasol on the beach or after dinner with friends ... I have a few particularly nice games in the store that you can take anywhere. Have a look!


I hope I was able to give you some great ideas for your personal staycation at home and that you make the best of the situation. Of course, traveling to distant countries and getting to know foreign cultures cannot be compared to a few days off on your balcony at home, but it will slow you down immensely and has many advantages.

As the saying goes: there's no place like home!

Love, Frau Hansen