27 May, 2020


My (home)office must-have: SCREEN GLASSES

Give your eyes a break!

Did you know that we spend an average of 5O hours a week staring at a smartphone, tablet, computer screen or TV? Most smartphones can measure your daily screen time. Take a look at your personal values. Are you shocked too? That adds up to quite a bit of time, doesn't it?

Screens with LED backlighting emit harmful blue light, also known as HEV (High Energy Visible), and can cause long-term eye damage. Especially those who work a lot on the computer struggle with headaches & dry eyes in the evenings. There is even a term for it: "Office Eye Syndrome" or also known as "Gamer Eye". However, blue light can also cause lasting damage to our eyes. It reaches the retina almost unfiltered and is considered to be the main cause of photoretinitis, a retinal damage. Long-term damage can include cataracts and AMD.

It's up to us to keep our personal screen time to a healthy level, but a drastic reduction is not always possible - especially now that our everyday lives are more digital than ever. And in the evenings it continues... regardless of how much time you have already spent in front of a screen at work, in the evenings there is finally time for private things. And here, too, a lot happens digitally: Facetime with your best friend, hours of Instagram scrolling, Stories, TikTok, IGTV, YouTube videos or watching series...we continue to expose ourselves to blue light in the evening. Blue light signals the body to stay awake. Our "internal clock" transmits this impulse to the pineal gland, where the hormone melatonin is produced (melatonin controls our day-night rhythm). Blue light suppresses the release of melatonin and can therefore make it more difficult to fall asleep...and we know how important healthy sleep is, don't we?

But you can give your eyes a break with our screen glasses!

The screen glasses filter 4O% of the blue light emitted by your screens. And believe me: after just a few days you will realize that the glasses are not a bad marketing gimmick! They provide soothing relief for your eyes in no time at all. And they also look super stylish! Wearing glasses makes you look 1O times smarter in a Zoom meeting, haha...

But it's not just us adults who should protect our eyes from blue light. Children's eyes are just as at risk! Of course, you should make sure that your little one doesn't spend too much time on tablets and the like. However, digital homeschooling concepts or video chatting with grandparents and friends are the new normal for kids and can't be done without a screen. Protect your child's eyes with one of our kids screen glasses, as these also filter out 4O% of harmful blue light.

So: At least give your eyes a break and see our screen glasses for yourself! Maybe you'll read my next Journal article blue light-free :-)

Love, Frau Hansen