11 May, 2020


Father's Day is on May 21!

Don't you think that the day of honor for dads is somehow always neglected compared to Mother's Day? Definitely not this year if you surprise (your) dad with one of my super-strong gift boxes! They don't usually admit it, but secretly they'll be jumping for joy!

I thought about what we could do to make our dads happy and say a big THANK YOU at the same time. The result is 9 super cool gift boxes. Whether for your own dad, the dad of your children or perhaps as a little gift for your brother or best friend who is celebrating his first Father's Day this year ... I have put together the perfect box for every dad!

Dad, you're my hero! You think it so often, but you say it far too rarely or maybe not at all, right? With the gift box "MY UNIVERSE" no further words are necessary!

Does your dad prefer a cozy time at home with a cup of tea and chocolate? Give him a break and treat him to some quality me-time. He'll find the right utensils for this in his gift box "COZY DAD".

Who stands at the barbecue in all weathers? Right! It's "GRILLMASTER DAD"! My dad used to stand in the rain at the barbecue every year on my birthday with an umbrella in one hand and barbecue tongs in the other, just so he could serve his birthday girl the most delicious bratwursts... I think it's clear which box he gets from me :-)

But even without the family party-rain-barbecue-action stories: What dad would say no to a bratwurst with rum mustard, delicious gin mayo and a nice cold drink from a hip flask? For a Father's Day barbecue in the garden at home, it's all fair game if he can't go to the local pub with his buddies for a man's round, right?

Of course, I also thought of the "DADDY COOL"s! We toast to them - if probably more virtually this year! "PAPA, YOU ROCK!" For the day after, the "HANGOVER HOTEL" has a refreshing shower, a counter drink and some nourishment! "How clever! That's MY child!" dad will think!

As you can see, the choice is huge. Just browse through all my Father's Day boxes and let yourself be inspired. No matter which box you choose, the dad receiving the gift is sure to be delighted, especially at this crazy time of year ... if only because he knows he's being thought of! With one of my boxes, you're setting the bar really high for future gifts, because we wrap everything so lovingly that your dad feels like he's being hugged when he opens his parcel. I'm just saying ...

Would you like to have the gift box sent directly to the happy dad? No problem! Simply enter the delivery address at checkout and leave your personal greeting in the message field. We'll write the card for you and take care of everything. 

Have fun browsing & giving gifts and stay healthy!

Love, Frau Hansen